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Value of Your 401(k) Plan in 10 Years: $151,323.23
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  • 401(k) Early Withdrawal Costs Calculator

    Use this calculator to estimate how much in taxes and penalties you could owe if you withdraw cash early from your 401(k).
  • How much are you considering taking as an early withdrawal from your 401(k) plan?
    What is your Federal Income Tax Rate
    What is your State Income Tax Rate (to the nearest percent)?
    Were you 55 years of age or older when you left your employer? Yes No
    How many years from now do you plan to retire?
    What annual rate of return would you expect between now and the time you retire?
  • Estimate the Costs
  • 401(k) Early Withdrawal Costs Calculator

    Immediate Impact of Taking a Cash Distribution

    If you take a cash withdrawal from your employer-sponsored retirement plan, you'll be paying:

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    • Penalty or Tax Amount
      Early Withdrawal Penalty*(10% of withdrawal amount)
      Required Federal tax withholding
      Additional federal taxes you will owe
      State tax you will owe
      Total You Pay:
      Amount You Receive:
  • 401(k) Early Withdrawal Costs Calculator

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  • Result of Rolling Over Your Savings to an IRA

    If you roll over the savings of your company-sponsored retirement plan directly into an IRA, you will pay no penalty and will pay no taxes until you begin taking cash distributions from the IRA.

    You will receive $100
    By the time you reach retirement in 10 years, the potential future value of your IRA savings could be $110.